The Moon in Astrology

It's Cancer season and with Cancer being ruled by the Moon, this a time of high lunar energy.  If you follow any astrologers on social media I am sure you have seen references to Full Moon energy, New Moon Energy, Dark Moon energy and rituals for every phase of the  Moon. 

But what does it all mean? And how can you best take advantage of the energy?

We often emphasis the Sun sign in astrology.  We anyone says, "I'm a Cancer," or "I'm a Sag," what they are saying is, "My Sun is in Cancer or Sagittarius."  The Sun, with it being the brightest object in the sky, is understood as being the most visible expression of the personality or ego from an astrological standpoint. 

Though many astrologers put the most emphasis on the Sun when interpreting a chart the Moon is also important - some would say even more so.  The Moon is the shadow part of the personality, the side that many except those who are close to us aren't privy to.  The Moon is your emotional self - your feelings - as well as where subconscious memories are stored.  Because it relates to the subconscious the Moon correlates to repressed fears, security issues, and and the habits and conditioned responses that come from those memories, fears, and security issues.  

This may sound like a rather despondent description but the Moon is truly a storehouse of wisdom, acting as a gateway to the Higher Self.  If you believe in reincarnation and believe that all of the experiences of previous lifetimes reside in the Soul's memory then, astrology, the Moon is the storehouse of these soul experiences. 

While the Sun is masculine in nature the Moon is Feminine.  She is receptive yet active in the shadows, in the deep recesses of the Self.  She is the energy of the Mother - nurturing, creative, responsive, but, never forgetting that you are here to learn, she disciplines. 

The Moon in your chart shows you how you express your feelings, your knee-jerk, conditioned responses to stress (especially to stress), subconscious filters and assumptions, how and what you need to feel safe, and your relationship with your mother or mothering energy. 

If you have read a description of your Sun Sign and said, "This doesn't sound like me!" you may relate more to you Moon sign. 

Fire Moons (Moons in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) tend to be highly expressive with fiery emotions.  They are usually impulsive, doing before thinking, and often have a foot-in-mouth syndrome.   Fire Moons are moved by passion and inspiration.  They feel most safe and comfortable when their active. 

Earth Moons (Moons in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn) tend to be more practical in the expression of their emotions.  But don't get it twisted; just like the roots of trees run deep into the earth, so do the emotions of Earth Moons.  They may not show their emotions but does not mean they don't feel and that they will easily forget how you made them feel, for better or for worse.  Earth Moons feel most safe and comfortable when working, organizing, or spending time in nature. 

Air Moons (Moons in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius) tend to be more aloof and detached emotionally.  Air is a very rational, logical element so Air Moons tend to think more than feel and may not understand why others can get so emotional or sentimental.  Air Moons feel most safe and comfortable when they are thinking, rationalizing, or sharing thoughts and ideas with others. 

Water Moons (Moons in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) tend to be the most emotional, sensitive, and intuitive.  With the Moon ruling a water sign (Cancer) the Moon is most at home in this element.  Water Moons often pick up on he subtle feelings and emotions within an environment and will need to develop discernment to distinguish their feelings from others.  Water Moons are compassionate and feel most safe and comfortable in intimate spaces with people they trust and nurturing and caring for others. 

If you do not know your Moon Sign go to and enter in your birth information.  

In my next post I will talk about Moon phases and how to you the energy for your benefit. 

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