Trance Therapy (also known as hypnotherapy) is a therapeutic technique that opens up the wisdom of your subconscious mind. Trance Therapy has been used successfully to healthily confront inner wounds, address and heal karmic energy, and remove the impulse towards destructive and/or unwanted behaviors.


Past-life regression utilizes Trance Therapy to go within and gain insight into past-life experiences, which will help you get clarity around present-life issues and patterns so that you can overcome karmic energies and accelerate your spiritual growth by consciously integrating past-life lessons.  

Past-life traumas, karmic debts, and unresolved lessons impact the growth and potential of our current life.  With past-life regression we specifically ask your subconscious mind to travel back in time to those lessons that will have the most immediate impact on your present.  These are usually one-time sessions that are utilized from time to time, whenever you are in need of deeper guidance.

Shadow work utilizes trance therapy, guided imagery, dreamwork, and intuitive spiritual guidance to work through your inner landscape to uncover inner wisdom to illuminate your soul’s journey. Sessions begin with setting intention through ritual, guided conversation, and then the use of multiple modalities, based on Spirit’s leading.

How Does It Work?

Trance Therapy utilizes relaxation techniques to put you into a light trance, which makes your conscious and analytic mind to quiet down and allows your subconscious mind, which holds your inner wisdom, to come to the surface. Through intentional questions, we can uncover the scripts and past experiences that are guiding your life and through the power of suggestion we can replace mental programming that no longer serves you with scripts that can empower you in manifesting your full potential.

How Do I Know I Need This?

While some people desire to experience past-life regression or shadow work for the sake of curiosity, some people desire to experience it in order to gain clarity around:

  • intense, unexplained fears and phobia

  • recurring relationship issues

  • chronic health problems

  • persistent and troubling attitudes and behaviors that do not serve your goals