taurus, you are a refiner!


as a Taurus sun…

…you are earthy and grounded. On a personality level, you are ruled by Venus, planet of love and attraction. You are naturally sensuous and have a natural gift to make the environment around you better than you found it. You are probably known to be stubborn but the truth is you have a tenacity that most people just cannot keep up with.

On a soul level, you are ruled by Vulcan, the mythical Blacksmith of the cosmos. A huge part of what you are here to do, dear Taurean, is to use your natural ability to create the new tools needed to usher in a new age of humanity built on principles of love and wisdom.

Your biggest challenge

As a Taurus Sun, you can be so grounded that it is easy for you to get stuck. Your biggest challenge is doing your divine work while learning detachment and personal transcendence.


Your Sun sign is just one piece of your astrological puzzle. All of the planets and signs impact your psyche and tell the story of the journey of your soul.

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