Do you know that you are a divine, multi-dimensional being of wisdom and light?

Do you know that you are a co-creator of your universe and that you have the power to shape your reality?

No? Let me remind you…

As souls currently living on this earthly, physical dimension it is easy for us to forget who we are. We forget that we are here to fulfill a divine purpose that we chose before we incarnated. We forget the wisdom we accumulated from previous lifetimes. And this forgetfulness makes us feel stuck and frustrated as we struggle to connect with our purpose and overcome circumstances that life throws at us.

As a spiritual coach my purpose is to help you remember. From my personal experience I have learned that until we do the work of uncovering, accepting, and walking in our true nature we will continue to struggle with lower vibrations like low self-esteem, fear, and addiction.

Instead of just focusing on your goals and developing steps to meet those goals I work with you first by helping you to understand your energetic blueprint and to examine your values and core beliefs, those deep-seated internal programs that are unconsciously guiding your life, using astrology and transformational coaching questions. Once you have developed an understanding of yourself and your major thought patterns I then work with you to replace internal programming that no longer serves you with programming that supports your acknowledgement of your divine nature and your ability to create to manifest. Throughout this process I will share various strategies and rituals you can use to transform your life.

Once core beliefs are examined and replaced, creating and manifesting will be tremendously easy! And you will most likely find that what your desires will change as you remember more and more who you truly are.

Some of the topics that I explore with clients:

  • Ways to raise your consciousness

  • Fifth-dimension reality (a new way of human be-ing)

  • Chakras and energy fields

  • Wealth vs. scarcity consciousness

The best way to figure out if spiritual coaching is for you is through a free, 30-minute consultation. During this time we will discuss your needs and the desired changes you wish to see in your life and prepare a roadmap for our work together.