Spiritual Astrology

“As above, so below.”

Astrology is a sacred art + science built on the principle “as above, so below.”

Understanding that what happens in the heavens correlates to what occurs on Earth, astrology interprets the movements of the heavenly bodies and brings insight into Earthly phenomena, both individual and collective.


While many astrology readings and zodiac sign descriptions focus solely on the level of the personality, spiritual astrology focuses on the soul, the Higher Self that has chosen this current incarnation as part of its mission to learn, grow, and eventually elevate and return back to Source. 

An astrology chart gives you a snapshot of the heavens at a precise time (in history or in the future) and an astrology reading will help you understand that snapshot.

As a student of astrology for over 14 years and as a trained life coach, I combine astrology with coaching skills to support you in gaining a deeper understanding of the self and developing a personal plan of action that will support you in living a life of intention and greater success. 

Natal Chart Readings

You are a divine being uniquely charged with a mission that only you can accomplish and the blueprint of your mission is revealed through your cosmic blueprint. You are more than just your Sun sign! The energy of all of the planets and luminaries are within you in a divine combination to support you in this current lifetime.

In a Natal Chart Reading, you will discover:

  • YOUR ENERGETIC BLUEPRINT: You are a combination of the four elements (fire, earth, air, and water) and how those energies combine within you reveals much about your psychology and what makes you tick. Just understanding which elements you most vibe with will help you to not only appreciate your uniqueness but will help you avoid unnecessary frustrations that often come from not understanding your make up. If you a square peg why are you trying to fit in a round hole?

  • YOUR SOUL MISSION: You came here on a mission, but what is it? Why are you here and what did you come here to do? What talents and strengths did you bring along with you and what do you need to develop? What unique work is needed from you on this planet at this time?

  • YOUR KARMA: A part of your soul’s mission is to resolve karmic residue left over from previous lifetimes. You know how you always seem to attract the same person? Or always find yourself in undesirable situations but you don’t know why? It’s because, karma. Until those karmic entanglements are untangled they will continue to be stumbling blocks to your greatness. Your reading will clarify what “doing the (inner) work” looks like for you.

  • LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: What reading is complete without talking about love and relationships? Your chart reveals your love language, how you give and receive love, and strengths and challenges you bring to relationships.

  • AND SO MUCH MORE: This sounds like a cop-out, but astrology is both a science and intuitive art, so there are going to be so many other things that come out of this reading. Natal charts can reveal health challenges, harmonious spiritual practices, best career choices, and even lucky times of the year. And because this is a conversation, your questions will often direct the information.

I am a writer — my 3rd House Sun and Mercury say so! — so I prefer to write a full profile of your chart before your reading. As a Water elemental person, this process helps me to organize my thoughts (see why it is so important to understand your elemental energy?) so that I can capture as much as possible. You will receive your profile before the reading and that will be the start of our conversation. And you’ll always have that profile for your reference. Sound good? Good.

Natal chart readings, and all other astrology readings, are generally about an hour long.

Natal (Birth) Chart Readings
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Uranus in Taurus Readings

Uranus, the planet of swift changes, innovation, breakthrough entered into steady and earthy Taurus on May 15, 2018 and remain until April 2026. In many ways this is a cosmic mismatch, as Uranus likes to shake things up and Taurus likes to keep things as they are. Aligning with the changes Uranus wants to bring while remaining steady and grounded are key to maintaining inner peace and direction.

This reading will take a look at how Uranus’s energy will be impacting your chart through April 2026, as well as the overall message Uranus has for you based on your natal chart Uranus placement.

Sessions will be booked 1-2 weeks after purchase. You will receive an email from me within 24 hours of your purchase.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius Readings

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth, abundance, and new horizons enters into its home sign of Sagittarius on November 8, 2018 and remain until December 2, 2019. Considered a beneficial planet, this transit is all about GOING BIG OR GOING HOME. Though Jupiter is planet that extends many blessings we still have to be open and aligned to receive them to their fullest.

This reading will take a look at how Jupiter’s energy will be impacting your chart through the end of 2019, as well as the overall message Jupiter has for you based on your natal chart Jupiter placement.

Sessions will be booked 1-2 weeks after purchase. You will receive an email from me within 24 hours of your purchase.

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Astrology Partner Readings

Synastry chart readings are astrology readings that compare two charts of two different people to determine compatibility. Through these readings we can determine:

  • you and your partner’s love languages and how to communicate more effectively

  • your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses

  • how to navigate around relationship pitfalls

This is a powerful reading that can enhance and bring understanding to your relationship. This reading is for all couples, including LGBTQ couples.

Sessions will be booked 1-2 weeks after purchase. You will receive an email from me within 24 hours of your purchase.

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