As an initiated priestess in the Lukumi Tradition of Cuba and the Ifa/Isese Tradition of West Africa and as a spiritualist I can support you with connecting to ancestors and spirit guides, spiritual cleanings, and intuitive spirit readings. 



Clearing physical space of stagnant energy is necessary for positive movement and flow in your life.  Whether you are moving into a new place or just feel like your environment needs to be lifted and cleansed energetically, I can support you in cleansing your space for increased harmony and positive vibes.

Philadelphia, PA area only.  Please contact me a




Creating spiritual candles to manifest change is part and parcel of various spiritual traditions around the world.  I create custom candles to remove negative energy, to attract love or prosperity, to support physical health, and a variety of other purposes.   Check out the shop to see some of my candles and feel free to contact me at if you need something you don't see. 



Cleansing the self spiritually is just as important as cleansing your space.  I offer custom made spiritual cleansing to remove negative energy, attract money, employment, or new love.  Cleansings are a great complement to spiritual candles.  

Cleansings can be done in-person if in the Philadelphia area or purchased in the shop with instructions on how to use them. 

Please contact me at