Uncrossing: Salt Scrub or Bath

Uncrossing: Salt Scrub or Bath

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This Uncrossing Bath can come in a liquid form or in the form of a salt scrub. In hoodoo, salt is used to clean away and keep away negativity and unwanted energies.

I use epazote, one of my favorite plant allies and a powerful cleanser, bay leaves, sage, and other oils and ingredients used in hoodoo and traditional African spiritual systems.

This bath isn't made for smell; it is not unpleasant but it is a strong smell due to the some of the ingredients. However, it will not stain your tub or make you smell badly. :)

Instructions are included and there is enough for multiple uses. it's important to follow the instructions carefully for best results. This bath is for external use only.

This bath is a CURIO and is not intended to replace medical advice.

Salt Scrub or Liquid Bath:
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