Chakra Blessing Tea

Chakra Blessing Tea


The seven major chakras are energy centers aligned with the spine. These centers, which also connect to major glands and organs in the body, are the spiritual fuel that energize our bodies and give it the vitality it needs to exist on this planet.

This Chakra Blessing Tea is a fragrant loose tea of seven herbs to heal, align, and awaken the seven major chakras. 

The seven chakras and their corresponding herbs in this tea are below.:

  • Root Chakra: stability, feeling secure and at home, especially on one's own body (hibiscus)
  • Sacral Chakra: emotions, sexuality, sensuality, creativity, the ability to flow with life and own one's emotions (red raspberry leaf)
  • Solar Plexus: one's sense of power and agency, boundaries, living one's truth (chamomile)
  • Heart Chakra: openness to love, healing broken hearts and trauma (rose petals)
  • Throat Chakra: communicating clearly and speaking one's own truth (mint)
  • Brow/Third Eye Chakra: Wisdom, inner-vision, intuition (nettles)
  • Crown Chakra: openness to Spirit, elevation, enlightenment, higher consciousness (lavender)

This tea can be used during the meditation, other spiritual exercises, or anytime up need a spiritual boost.

Ingredients:  Chamomile | Green Tea Leaves | Hibiscus | Lavender | Mint | Nettles | Red Raspberry Leaf | Rose Petals

Tea can be made green tea or without green tea.

2 oz. 

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