Karmic Reading: Understanding Your Karmic Patterns and Lessons

Karmic Reading: Understanding Your Karmic Patterns and Lessons

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Karma is a Hindu and Buddhist concept often translated as “action” and is the sum total of your actions in this lifetime and previous lifetimes that determine your future state of existence. It is the spiritual concept of cause and effect - what you put out there will eventually come back to you, love.

You came into this world with karma, baggage carried from previous lifetimes. Sometimes karma can manifest physically, mentally, emotionally, or through repeated circumstances that will continue to occur until the necessary lessons are learned.

Your natal chart reveals aspects of your karma and, through understanding it, can bring much needed peace and clarity on how to move forward. This karmic reading looks specifically at:

  • Your Moon and its nodes - which not only reveals your subconscious tendencies but lessons you need to integrate and patterns you need to let go of

  • Saturn - the planet that reveals your most important lessons in this lifetime

  • Your 12th House - often called your hidden house, or your house of secrets

This reading is not a full natal chart reading. It only focuses on karma and your karmic lessons.

You will receive your written profile before your session, which will be about 45 minutes.

Sessions will be booked 1-2 weeks after purchase. You will receive an email from me within 24 hours of your purchase.

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