Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis, or deep relaxation, to support positive behavior change and healing on multiple levels.  As a trained clinical hypnotherapist and certified life coach I will work with you through guided meditations, powerful intentions and suggestions, and transformational coaching techniques to help you create the change you desire. 

The hypnotic state makes you more open to removing negative and limiting thought-patterns and replacing them with empowering thoughts and behaviors aligned to your goals.  Hypnotherapy has been used successfully to support weight management, smoking cessation, manifesting wealth and abundance, and to alleviate and reduce stress, fears and phobias, and sleep disorders.

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist I am trained to use hypnotherapy to:

  • Help people who struggle with anxiety, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Help Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Colonized People de-colonize their minds and spirits, particularly in regards to white supremacy/"other" inferiority and all of its many manifestations (intergeneration trauma, fear, guilt, shame, silence, denial, feelings of unworthiness, and anti-Blackness)

  • Support people in connecting to their ancestors, spirit guides, and past lives.

Though every person is unique, most people find that 4 - 6 sessions of hypnotherapy + coaching provide the most benefit for long-term change. Sessions are generally 60 - 90 minutes long. 

My hypnotherapy consultations are FREE.  For 30 minutes, we can discuss your needs and decide if hypnotherapy is for you and if we are good fit for working together.  Consultations and sessions can take place over the phone, online (Zoom), or in-person (Philadelphia area).

If you decide to move forward the next session will be an intake session and is generally about 2 hours long. During this session you will be involved in a formal intake involving paperwork and assessments, I will answer any additional questions you have about hypnotherapy and will give you some concrete examples of how hypnotherapy works.  We will also clarify your goals, develop a Success Plan to chart our work together, and you will have the opportunity to experience hypnotic trance. 

Past Life Regression

Past-life regression utilizes Trance Therapy to go within and gain insight into past-life experiences, which will help you get clarity around present-life issues and patterns so that you can overcome karmic energies and accelerate your spiritual growth by consciously integrating past-life lessons.  

Past-life traumas, karmic debts, and unresolved lessons impact the growth and potential of our current life.  With past-life regression we specifically ask your subconscious mind to travel back in time to those lessons that will have the most immediate impact on your present.  These are usually one-time sessions that are utilized from time to time, whenever you are in need of deeper guidance.


While some people desire to experience past-life regression or shadow work for the sake of curiosity, some people desire to experience it in order to gain clarity around:

  • intense, unexplained fears and phobia

  • recurring relationship issues

  • chronic health problems

  • persistent and troubling attitudes and behaviors that do not serve your goals

Hypnotherapy Fees

Hypnotherapy fees are sliding scale and discount packages for clients who want to schedule 3-6 sessions at a time are available. We can discuss fees during your free consultation.

Click the button below to complete a form to schedule your free hypnotherapy consultation. Please indicate the type of hypnotherapy you are interested in (general and/or past-life regression) and days and times you are available. You will receive an email in the next 24-48 hours.