Our Mission, Vision, & Work

Elevated Transformation is a wellness platform that supports individuals in waking up to their true nature and manifesting their divine destiny and potential. 

Our mission is to support mind-body-spirit integration and wellness and create spaces and avenues for Black people to heal, be free, and co-create liberation.  We do this by offering healing products and services, developing communities of healers, and supporting the creation of permanent spaces in Black marginalized communities that cultivate wellness and sustainable practices through centering the needs and voices of those communities.

Our vision is for Black folks to be liberated, whole, and in control of our collective destiny.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built on the spiritual truth that we are all divine.  The only thing that separates us from that which we call “divine” is our inability to see and acknowledge who we truly are at our core.  Therefore, we acknowledge the divine in everyone and in all of nature by centering love, compassion and sustainability in the work of healing and wellness.