Spiritual Astrology Natal Chart

Spiritual Astrology Natal Chart


Natal chart readings look at the placement of planets, luminaries, and cosmic points at the time of birth, understanding that these placements provide insight into the psychological makeup and soul destiny of the individual. 

The purpose of natal chart readings is to gain a deeper understanding of YOU - who you are, the gifts you came into the world with, major lessons you came to learn, and what you came here to do.   Major themes of spiritual astrology natal chart readings are past lives, shadow energies, and karma as well as concerns such as love, career, finances, health, and divine timing. 

As an astrologer and a coach, my goal is to help you better understand yourself through the science and art of astrology.  In order to have the most clarity for your reading I will need your date of birth, birth time, and birth location.  Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes and can be recorded for future reference. 

I look forward to working with you!

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Astrology is a spiritual science that examines the placement of the planets relative to earth at the time of birth or other events.  Natal planet placements give insights into the basic personality as well as the overall destiny of the soul and the purpose of your current incarnation.  

As an astrologer and a coach, my goal is to help you better understand yourself -- what makes you tick, your strengthens, and your places for improvement -- so that you can develop a life strategy to help you progress and achieve your purpose.  Therefore, I not only look at the personality but I seek to help you identify the larger themes in your life to gain an overall clarity. 

With your natal chart I will specifically look at: 

*love and relationships
*communication style
*family/ancestral blessings and karmic issues
*money and finance
*religion and spirituality
*purpose and destiny
*lucky times of the year

What I need from you:
*Your full name
*Birth date
*Birth location
*Birth time

You will receive a 3-6 page analysis. I can also answer three questions of your choice. Please indicate your questions in the notes section.