gemini, you are a harmonizer!


as a gemini sun…

…you are a natural communicator. On a personality level, you are ruled by Mercury, planet of thought and communication. You love to learn things and share your knowledge with others.

On a soul level, you are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and attraction. A huge part of what you are here to do, dear Gemini, is to use your natural ability to communicate in order to bring greater harmony to the planet.

Your biggest challenge

As a Gemini Sun, your biggest challenge is to make up your mind! A Gemini mind can go a mile a minute. You love being open to options but sometimes you can be too open that you are indecisive. Listen to the voice of your soul to make the best decision for your path.


Your Sun sign is just one piece of your astrological puzzle. All of the planets and signs impact your psyche and tell the story of the journey of your soul.

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