Detoxify Your Pineal Gland

Many people seeking spiritual awakening and elevation engage in spiritual practices, like meditation and chanting, to open and energize the brow chakra, also known as the Third Eye.  Chakras are centers of energy in our subtle/non-physical bodies that interpenetrate and support the vitality of the physical body.  Sitting in between and slightly above the eyebrows, the brow chakra is the seat of wisdom, perception, and command.  It provides vision, supports our awareness of the world, and helps us navigate through life with the discernment of our inner light.  



Each of the major seven chakras is associated with a gland within the physical body.    The Third Eye is associated with the pineal gland, a pine cone-shaped endocrine gland located in the brain.  The pineal gland produces the hormones seratonin and melatonin which regulate our sleep-waking cycles and mood.  It also produces dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, which can produce a psychedelic state of mind. 



The pineal gland has been known in many cultures throughout history as a gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds.  The ancients associated the pineal gland with light, which, interestingly, modern science confirms.  Scientific research has revealed that the pineal gland is surrounded by water that is filled with crystals of light and that DMT, which is also found in many psychedelic drugs, releases this light.  This is why many people see bright, vibrant colors when experiencing a high from using drugs like marijuana, which has DMT.  Science also reveals that the same receptors found in our eyes is also found within the pineal gland, indeed, making it the Third Eye!

So if we have this Third Eye, why are so many of us walking through life with very little inner vision and spiritual sight?

Though the Third Eye may be open when we are born our experiences on Earth often cause the Third Eye to close.  Some of these experiences may include religious beliefs that deny divine connection to the spiritual world but for a chosen few, fear of spiritual gifts, or over-attachment to physical form.  

The pineal gland, as part of our physical bodies, is impacted by our environment and our diets.  Processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and contaminated water are all major contributors to a hardened, low-functioning pineal.  However, there are some simple ways to detoxify your pineal gland:

1) Eat better and move your body.  A diet full of fresh veggies, fruits, and water with limited meat, dairy, sugars, and processed foods, and regular exercise, not only supports general physical wellness but spiritual wellness as well.  A healthy diet along with exercise will support your pineal gland in functioning optimally which will help you sleep better, stabilize your moods, and be open and connected spiritually.

2) Get rid of fluoride.  Fluoride is an element found in drinking water and many toothpastes. Though it is often touted as necessary for healthy teeth, research shows that it causes many bone and thyroid problems and can cause dental problems with over-exposure.  It also seems to have an adverse effect on the pineal gland, causing it to calcify and harden. Switch out your fluoride-enriched toothpaste with a toothpaste like this one from Himalaya, that is fluoride-free.  Consider using water filters in your home that filter fluoride to further limit your exposure.

3) Meditate.  Maintaining a regular meditation practice is an essential part of spiritual development.  Third Eye/Brow Chakra meditations are especially beneficial for the pineal gland.

4) Use crystals.  Crystals associated with the brow chakra, like amethyst, lapis lazuli, and sodalite, can be placed on the brow chakra during meditation or worn as jewelry to help support a healthy pineal gland.

5) Drink tea.  Certain herbs, like nettles, lemon balm, or lavender, support a balanced and open brow chakra.  These dried herbs can be placed in a tea strainer and steeped in hot water to be consumed as a tea.  My Chakra Blessing Tea contains both nettles and lavender to support a healthy brow chakra and pineal gland. 

By taking these simple steps you can be well on your way to healthier, more open, and more receptive pineal gland that can support a deeper spiritual connection and intuitive awareness.


Darasia Selby