New Moon in Capricorn


On January 16, 2018 at 9:18 PM EST the New Moon falls in earthy Capricorn.  Capricorn, the Lord of Form, focuses on the physical, the material.  A sign of ambition, Capricorn is a sign of hard work that precedes accomplishment and accolades.  

The Moon in astrology relates to our emotions and our subconscious desires, instincts, and habits.  In the darkness of the New Moon, without the light of the Sun, humanity is more open to the wild, mysterious energy of the Moon, moving according to emotion and instinct rather than reason.

The New Moon in Capricorn awakens our desires that focus on tangible results in the physical world.  Capricorn emphasizes mastery and climbing the ladder of success.  Normally emotionally detached in pursuit of one's ambitions, the emotional energy of the Moon softens Capricorn, balancing the drive towards success in the physical world with an equal emphasis on nurturing the self and others.

This particular Capricorn New Moon is energized by zealous Sagittarius, as the Moon and the Sun are aligned in this fiery constellation.  Passion for truth and intellectual stimulation are heightened in this moment.  

Venus' energy of beauty, refinement, and attraction is in the mix, as it is in a triple alignment with the Sun and the Moon.  Venus further softens Capricorn, with a energy that shifts from courageously pursuing one's desires to intelligently attracting the resources to acquire them.  

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, makes his appearance in Capricorn as well.  Saturn reminds us of the importance of discipline in order to achieve our goals.  Though Saturn is often depicted as the scary taskmaster (ever hear how people talk about the dreaded Saturn Return?), the blessing of Saturn is that it guarantees a reward for our work.  Saturn is tough and firm and with its energy in the mix of this New Moon it is important to be clear with yourself and the Universe about both what you want to achieve and what you plan to do to accomplish it. The importance of communication is heightened with Mercury, planet of communication, in Capricorn.  

Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, is in Capricorn tearing down structures both external and internal.  Old belief systems and patterns that no longer serve you can be purged during this time. 

Suggested New Moon in Capricorn Activity:

  • Root chakra and heart chakra meditation - allow your survival instincts to connect to your emotions
  • Write down clear, concise goals that are measurable and have a clear time frame
  • Spend time in nature

Blessings on your journey!