Pisces Season: An Ocean of Emotions


On February 18, the Sun enters Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac.  As the last sign, Pisces represents an end of a cycle and transitions us to a new cycle, which commences on the Spring Equinox.  Pisces, like Cancer and Scorpio, is a water sign and is an emotional wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve sign.  Ruled by Neptune, the sign of dreams and mysticism, Pisces is as sensitive and empathetic as it is impractical and idealistic.  As the visionary of the zodiac, Pisceans and those with strong Pisces influences in their charts often see what others miss as they channel information from the subtle realms.   Pisces rules devotion, selfless love, spirituality, and devotion with its shadow side manifesting as martyrdom, self-pity, victimization, and the inability to be stay grounded in reality.

This lesson Pisces holds for humanity is to balance our spiritual longings and strivings with the earthly responsiblity; in other words, to be both heavenly and earthly minded so that we can be do both heavenly and earthly good.  This lesson is best epitomized in the Full Moon in Virgo, which takes place on February 19.  As opposite signs, the Virgo-Pisces opposition is one that emphasizes earthly duty and service (Virgo) and spiritual practice (Pisces).   This Full Moon challenges us to develop and maintain routines that support a balanced life where our physical health, and duty to family and community receives as much attention as our spiritual health, and duty to our spiritual and emotional selves.  This a time to take an honest assessment of your life.  Where do you need to place your attention at this time?  Do you need to be more responsible with your health, finances (hello!), or other earthly matters?  Do you need to develop self-care routines and spiritual rituals to help you connect with Spirit?  Or maybe you need to up the ante in both areas of your life and let go of habits that aren’t really serving you at all?

This Full Moon has a conjunction with the fixed star Phecda, the “thigh of the bear.”  Phecda has a strong Mars influence, with some Uranus and Neptune, so with a conjunction with the Moon, which rules the emotions, this will be a time where emotions run strong.   Don’t hold back — the emotions you feel could be an intuitive message that could literally save someone’s life.  Stay open to Spirit and ask for guidance in your speech, that what you say may land on open ears.

Pisces Season opens with the asteroid Chiron also moving into Aries.  Chiron, an often overlooked actor in astrology, is the wounded healer in Greek mythology, the one who can heal others but cannot heal himself from his own wounds.  Chiron shows us both how we can extend our gifts of healing to others and the inner wounds we need to be healed.  In Pisces, Chiron taught us the power of extending compassion and selfless love to help others heal, a compassion and selfless love we need to also extend to ourselves.  However, there is an enabling tendency in Pisces, where we make excuses for others in the name of healing (think of those who suggested that R.Kelly not face consequences for his abuse of women because he needs healing – insert eye roll and a side eye).   In Aries, where Chiron stays for the next eight years, we must learn how to be okay with who we truly are, understanding that we cannot accomplish what we incarnated to do if we focus on our wounds and not our gifts.  Rumi said it best, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”  We are transformed when we focus on the light within.   

Mercury continues its transit in Pisces, supporting us in communicating to others with sensitivity and compassion.  This is a particularly beneficial placement for artists, as Mercury in Pisces aligns mental energy to the spiritual realms and provides open channels for creativity.  Mercury goes through a retrograde period from March 5 – 28, where it travels back into fiery Aries.  Communication has a tendency to go awry during any Mercury retrograde period and Pisceans and those with strong Pisces influence in their charts will most likely feel this energy.  Communication moves from being flowery and poetic to being assertive and potentially aggressive.

Venus continues her transit through Capricorn until March 1, where she moves into airy Aquarius.  Venus in Capricorn expresses her love cautiously, wanting assurance that some tangible benefit will come from her shared affections. Connections with others will have a tendency to be built on shared intellectual interests rather than that of a deep emotional connection, as Venus will be in the House of Friends and Networks.  Once she moves into Aquarius, Venus will share her love more openly and freely with little to no emphasis on the rules, as Aquarius prefers to be free from traditions and expectations of others.  Venus will also move into the House of Solitude, so expect a greater need to take a break to restore ones creative energy.  Similar to Mercury, Venus’ movements this month provide great benefit for artists and creatives.  In Capricorn, though she is conservative, Venus is grounded and thus has an energy necessary to bring dreams into reality while expanding one’s network, providing greater opportunity for success.  In Aquarius, which is a creative sign, Venus’ artistic flair shines and her need for solitude can open you up to increased inspiration.

On March 6, we will experience the start of a new lunar month with a New Moon in Pisces as well as creative and swift-moving Uranus re-entering Taurus.  Coming the day after Mercury goes retrograde in the same sign, we can expect emotions to be running high.  One of the many blessings of Pisces is the reminder of rest and retreat.  This a time when we should listen far more than we speak.  Take time for yourself during this New Moon.  Take it slow and easy and open yourself up to the whispers of Spirit.  If you can, take the day off so you can be grounded and centered within your own energy. 

Assertive and fiery Mars begins Pisces Season in earthy Taurus where it continues until March 31.  Mars’ courage and bravery in Taurus shows up as tenacity and a commitment to do what is necessary to achieve one’s aims.  Mars here desires to build and consolidate, and can be intensely stubborn in one’s pursuits.  Initiative here is often colored by a desire for more possessions and material objects, and hoarding can be a shadow manifestation of this energy.  Put energy into the tangible achievements without attachment, greed, and competition with others.  

Optimistic and idealistic Jupiter continues its transit through its home sign of Sagittarius where it continues to December of this year.  Jupiter is the planet of largesse, generous in wealth and abundance.  Jupiter emphasizes growth and expansion and this is no more apparent than when Jupiter travels through Sagittarius.  In this Pisces Season Jupiter’s influence shows up in the 10th House of Career, bringing opportunities for growth and promotion in business and career.   However, we have to be mindful about seizing opportunities as they come, as Jupiter has a tendency to be so future-focused and have such wide range that it misses what’s immediately available.

Saturn, the karmic lawkeeper, is in its home sign of Capricorn until December 2020.  This three year cycle (it started in December 2017) emphasizes maturity and marks achievement in the realm of career and vocation.  This placement reminds us that slow and steady wins the race and discipline helps us to achieve our goals in the long run.  During the next month, Saturn influences the 11th House of Friends and Networks.  You may feel and increased need to commit and ground yourself within organizations and networks of people who can support you in achieving your goals and whom you also can support.