Aries, you are a visionary!


as an aries sun…

…your light shines so brightly! On a personality level you are ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. You are ambitious, a natural leader, and love initiating your bright ideas.

On a soul level you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought and communication. A huge part of your soul's work is to be a powerful conduit for Spirit - communicating Divine Truth and inspiring greater harmony and peace for the growth of humanity. Combine your fiery ambition with your natural ability to communicate to inspire humanity to reach greater heights.

Your biggest challenge

As an Aries Sun, your biggest challenge is doing the necessary work to bring your visions to fruition. You take joy in the visioning process but the mundane details are trivial and boring to you. You would benefit from slowing down to take care of the details as well as to surround yourself with people who are more detail-oriented than you.


Your Sun sign is just one piece of your astrological puzzle. All of the planets and signs impact your psyche and tell the story of the journey of your soul.

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