About Me

Did you know that you are a powerful and radiant co-creator of your life, and that all the answers you need are within you?

My name is Darasia (pronounced Dar-Asia) and I am a ritualist, priestess, and integrative healing arts practitioner. I work with people to help them connect to their Higher Self and recognize and realize their divine purpose, which often times involves resolving ancestral and karmic energy and cleansing and strengthening their own energetic fields.

I am also an astrologer and tarot reader.

My practice is rooted in the wisdom and healing knowledge of my African ancestors, both on the Continent of Africa and the Diaspora and explores the relationship between individual, collective, and planetary healing and liberation.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to connecting with you on our journey together.

Deeply interested in incorporating healthier ways of eating and living into my own life, I started studying nutrition and herbalism while in college. I had struggled with minor health issues that I felt were due more to environmental toxins and eating foods that weren’t the best for my physical constitution. At the same time, I was also on a spiritual journey to uncover the ways my ancestors related to Spirit before the enslavement of Africans, the colonization of Africa, and the spread of worldwide white supremacy. I started studying Buddhism and practicing meditation and then eventually was led to the Ifa/Orisha Tradition. My introduction into the tradition was short, as I was quickly initiated to the orisha Oshun in the Afro-Cuban Lucumi Tradition. A few years later, I was initiated to Egungun, the ancestral tradition, and Ifa, the orisha of wisdom and divination in Ibadan, Nigeria.

After being submerged into African spiritual and healing practices I wanted to find a way to merge my passions: healing, spirituality, and activism. I was well aware of the violence that Black people have endured for generations and knew that there needed to be a multi-pronged approach to realizing the liberation that we have been working towards since our oppression. I knew that we needed to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually in order to create a world that did not mirror the violence we have endured and yet healing couldn’t be passive or disconnected from our lived experiences.

Healing with Oshun is truly a product at the intersection of individual and collective healing, practical spirituality, and social change and was birthed out of a need for Black and marginalized communities to have access to holistic healing and wellness practices that support our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health outside of the medical industrial complex; linking our wellness to our spirits, our food, our air, our land, our ancestral practices, and an understanding of who we TRULY are (our genius and our divinity).  Healing with Oshun exists to provide that necessary reminder of our greatness, to resurrect our ancestral healing modalities, to reclaim our right to heal ourselves with our own medicine, and to create the necessary spaces for our long-term healing. 

I utilize my experience as an initiated priestess, a trained spiritualist and coach, and a certified clinical hypnotherapist to help people connect with their Higher Self, heal karmic and ancestral energy, and utilize practical ritual and ancient healing practices to align their lives to reflect the full radiance of their being. By providing healing and wellness services, as well creating healing spaces and community, it is my hope that Healing with Oshun is much more than a company, but exists as platform to bring our collective wellness into existence. 

Some of my long-term goals include: 

  • Creating and supporting the creation of local cadres of healers in Black communities for skill sharing and other means of support

  • Creating and supporting the creation pop-up healing spaces and clinics

  • Create and facilitate spiritual retreats

  • Create a national and international network of healers to support the creation of more healing and wellness spaces

  • Create an institute/training program to train up new and emerging healers

  • Utilize various media platforms promote spiritual awakening and healing practices