Healing with Oshun
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Elevated Transformation is a holistic wellness practice that supports clients in realizing their inner power and maintaining a positive state of being.  Spirit-Centered hypnotherapy and life coaching helps clients clarify their goals and create plans in order to move their lives forward in ways aligned to their true desire and potential.  Along with hypnotherapy and life coaching Elevated Transformation offers astrology and tarot readings, and spiritual petition candles for elevation and transformation, using a whole-person approach, knowing that true healing and transformation must be rooted in the mind, body, and spirit.

About Darasia

My name is Darasia Selby-Adebisi.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia (no, not in West Philadelphia) and I am a integrative wellness practitioner trained in hypnotherapy, life coaching, aromatherapy, and auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture), a community activist, an educator, and a priestess in the Yoruba and Lukumi traditions. Through the work that I have done for many years I found that there was a definite link between the work of mind-body-spirit healing and wellness and self-determination (the right to determine our own destiny).  In other words, it is difficult for us to be empowered enough to change our outer world when internally we are out of balance.  Long-term change always begins within.

As a Black woman I have borne witness to the impact that limiting and destructive thoughts have on individuals and communities.  My interest in holistic wellness began while in college when looking for natural ways to support my own health and well-being but it was the work of Dr. Joy DeGruy and her book Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome that piqued my interest in psychology, the mind, and consciousness.  After being introduced to the Ifa/Orisa Tradition and learning about the power of the ancestors, including the effects of both ancestral trauma and healing, I began my journey into understanding the power of the subconscious mind and how it can be healed and transformed through hypnotherapy.

Elevated Transformation was birthed out of a need for Black communities to have access to holistic healing and wellness practices that support our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health outside of the medical industrial complex; linking our wellness to our food, our air, our land, our ancestral practices, and an understanding of who we TRULY are (our genius and our divinity).  Elevated Transformation exists to provide that necessary reminder of our greatness, to resurrect our ancestral healing modalities, to reclaim our right to heal ourselves with our own medicine, and to create the necessary spaces for our long-term healing. 

I utilize my experience as an initiated priestess, a trained spiritualist and coach, and a certified clinical hypnotherapist to help people connect with their Higher Self, heal karmic and ancestral energy, and utilize practical ritual and ancient healing practices to align their lives to reflect the full radiance of their being. By providing healing and wellness services, as well creating healing spaces and community, it is my hope that Elevated Transformation is much more than a company, but exists as platform to bring our collective wellness into existence. 

Some of our long-term goals include: 

  • Creating and supporting the creation of local cadres of healers in Black communities for skill sharing and other means of support

  • Creating and supporting the creation pop-up healing spaces and clinics

  • Create and facilitate spiritual retreats

  • Create a national and international network of healers to support the creation of more healing and wellness spaces

  • Create an institute/training program to train up new and emerging healers

  • Utilize various media platforms promote spiritual awakening and healing practices

If you would like to partner with me or support this work please contact me at darasia@elevatedtransformation.com.  I would love to hear from you! 

You can also find me at my other website, This Is African Spirituality, a blog highlighting the beauty and richness of African spiritual traditions.